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Analyseur de biochimie à sec automatique portable YSTE-SD1

Analyseur de biochimie à sec automatique portable
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Analyseur de biochimie à sec automatique portable YSTE-SD1

Analyseur de biochimie à sec automatique portable

Equipped with the latest technology, we have invented a state-of-the-art automatic biochemical analyzer YSTE-SD1. This portable analyzer can provide faster, easier, more accurate medical diagnosis with less maintenance and micro sample volume.


Utilizing cloud computing, YSTE-SD1 can help the operators to make medical decisions remotely. Built-in centrifuge, QR code , real-time quality control. The test results will be automatically printed after 12 minutes.


The analyzer help operators automatically monitor conditions inside the machine.



Sample Type     Anti-coagulation whole blood, serum, plasma

Sample Volume   90-120 μl

Bar Code        QR Code

Testing Time     12 minutes/sample

Testing Principle  Absorption spectroscopytransmission  turbidimetry

Testing Method   End point, kinetic, fixed time, turbidmetry etc

Temperature     37±0.3

Absorbance      0-3.0Abs

Resolution       0.001 Abs

Cross Contamination      0

QC & Calibrate    IQC Intelligent QC

Working Condition  Temperature:10-30 Humidity: 30%-70%

Light Source       120v/20w, halogen tungsten lamps lifespan is over 2500 hours

Power Supply      AC220V, 50Hz

Power Rating      120VA

Optical System

After the filter spectral, 8 wavelength synchronous detection: 340,405,450,505,546,600,630,850nm


Android 7.0 inch 800*480, multi-point capacitive touch screen, multilingual choice

Storage          500,000 results

Printer           Built-in thermal printer

Connectors       4 USB ports, 1 LAN port

Weight          4.6KG

Size             200mm(L)*252mm(W)*299mm(H)

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